Rod Hutchinson Naturalz 16mm Wafters Carp Fishing 60g – 6 flavours to pick from




Rod Hutchinson’s Monster boilies needs no introduction, they have been catching fish for the past 20 years across Europe and around the World. Using the freshest and finest ingredients to create Rod’s legendary flavours.

16mm Wafter Hookbaits – 6 flavours to pick from 

A critically balanced hookbait with a twist, imitates a larvae/bug and also effects the flow of water around the hookbait

The Naturalz hookbaits have been designed to fool some of the wariest carp. Acting like a wafter by critically balancing your hook presentation, but with the addition of the spiralled texture.

The spiral shape makes it extremely difficult for a fish to deal with the hook bait when trying to eject a rig. The flow of water around a traditional circular boilie when compared to a Naturalz being ejected is much slower at changing from a laminar flow into a turbulent flow due to the shape of the Naturalz. In practice this means that a Naturalz moves in a much more aggressive manner in the carps mouth as it tries to blow the rig out. This significantly increases the chance of getting a hook hold, especially on wary fish.

The NEW Fluoro Naturalz Wafter Hookbaits | Carp Fishing | Rod Hutchinson – YouTube

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Mulberry Florentine, Water Snail, Tiger Nut, Krill, Apricot, Citrus Fizz, Hemp

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