Pike Mouse Popper Fishing Fly Size 2 / 85mm jointed weedguard | FISHIN ADDICT



Pike flies are more and more popular way of catching the big predator pike fish. Obviously, the common way known to try catch these elusive part time feeders is with lures or bait fish, the latter trying to mimic their diet.


  • Effective for pike, chub, big mouth bass and trout.
  • Realistic colours and movement
  • A unique jointed head for extra wiggle.


On flowing water cast upstream, upstream and across, or directly across with a downstream mend. A small rodent will more frequently swim across or downstream than up. The mouse should be retrieved via a quick strip or pull and pause or, in the latter case, sometimes a slow drift. On ponds, lakes and reservoirs it’s a case of casting, usually to cover and structure, followed by a well judged retrieve. You should try different lengths and speed of pull, and durations of pause.


85mm (body) 150mm (inc tail) / Size #2


1 piece


Pike, chub, big mouth bass and trout

These fishing flies are handmade and therefore there might be slight variations in patterns and colours.

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