NANO 30mm/1.2″ Fry Micro Fishing Lures | Drop Shot LRF Nano Mini Soft Lure | Micro Minnows Jigs | Perch Pike Panfish- 14 colours | 10 units | FISHIN ADDICT



Increase your catch rate with these realistic soft lures, perfect for the latest craze of drop shotting. Drop Shot fishing is both a simple and extremely effective method of fishing. Floating body also works great on a simple jig head.

As featured in New Gear section of IYCF magazine issue 397.

‘Super sensitive, they’ll wriggle and twitch with the slightest of movement….well worth getting a few packs in your lure kit’


  • Rubber shad with paddle tail.
  • Soft bite attack feel.
  • 3D eyes and micro glitters.
  • Lifelike look and action – it wriggles and twitches with the slightest movement

COLOURS to pick from:

Lil Devil – red with silver and yellow fleck. Ideal for murky water and low light conditions.

Tiny Ghost – pearly white with black and silver fleck. Perfect for all conditions.

Tribal Red Head – white body red shrunken blood head, its a classic colour for all conditions

Red Motor Oil – Motor Oil semi clear with black, gold and red glitters

Hottie Olive – Black back and white belly with a hint of yellow

Prince Royale – Bursting with gold glitter, adding flash to the white belly.

Roach Fry – silver side and black back with red tail and eye.

Glitter SnP – salt and pepper topped with sparkling silver.

Fire Tiger – bright Mardi Gras colours with black tiger stripe.

Peanut Butter n Jelly – invention from across the pond – brown speckled black with purple back

Chartreuse – Neon glow of yellow fizz. Ideal for murky water and low light conditions.

Micro Minnow – Silver fry with grey back and black / gold speckle sparkles. 

Toxic Zombie – Limereuse neon for coloured water with black back and blood red eye.

Black Spark – Solid black with a red glitter

SIZE / WEIGHT – ALL ABOVE 38mm (1.5”) / 0.35g each   Motor Oil – pin tail – motor oil bronze with gold and green fleck. Perfect for all conditions.

Shadow Strike – pin tail – black with blue and silver fleck. Perfect for all clear conditions.

SIZE / WEIGHT – PIN TAILS 25mm (1.0”) / 0.30g each  

UNITS IN PACK 10 pieces

TARGET FISH Pike, perch, chub, trout and zander, crappies, panfish 

ACTION Fish on a jig head or drop shot set up. Cast into fish holding spots – under trees, deep holes and around plant life – and retrieve slowly with small twitches.

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Red Motor Oil, Lil Devil, Tiny Ghost, Tribal Red Head, Hottie Olive, Prince Royale, Glitter SnP, Roach Fry, Fire Tiger, Peanut Butter n Jelly, Chartreuse, Micro Minnow, Toxic Zombie, Black Spark, Shadow Strike, ALL 5 PACKS (50 UNITS), ALL 9 PACKS (90 UNITS)

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