Hawg Wobbler Surface fishing popper lure – SUPER SCALES


Work them SLOW for an enticing rolling/wobbling action that looks like an injured bird, rat, frog or fish. The jointed hardwood sections produce a clacking sound as the lure rocks back and forth. The tail prop leaves a fizzing wake in its trail, that the predators with strike aggressively. The Catalyst makes the pike mega angry, the hits are just massive!!  Big top surface waves High quality build Sharp stainless steel Mustad hooks How is it better than the Hawg? 1) The front hook is removed and the middle hook is moved forward. No one likes excessive trebles and especially when the catch round the front vein. 2) The propeller at the back runs smoother and front paddle is bigger. Adding to the Catalyst water fizz reaction. 3) The paint durability and colour is a higher quality. This will give you lure a longer life, even after it has been savaged many times. 4) The eyes are holographic. More added attraction, glinting in the sun. 5) It is cheaper. No less quality but without expensive shipment from the US, you can get your hands on one of these classics, for a much more economical price. 180mm / 65g (2.3oz) Avaliable in Europe only from FISHIN ADDICT in colours: Black SHADOW STRIKE Fire Tiger MARDI GRAS Silver SUPER SCALES www.fishinaddict.com

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A recreation inspired by Mouldys Hawg Wobbler. A great top water surface fishing lure. A invention bought across from our American friends across the pond, where they catch their version of Pike…the Muskie – check out the catch pictures on this listing. If you don’t believe us that is a fantastic lure, check out what they have to say;

‘A legendary lure, the Hawg Wobbler offers one of the most distinctive surface actions ever devised. On a steady retrieve, the bait slowly rolls from side-to-side, joints clicking, while a tailgunner spinner creates a wake.’ Cory Schmidt

‘The bait has a hypnotic ‘live critter’ action that breaks your heart….. these baits are so appealing that even on opening day, you stand a chance. The Hawg Wobbler is an all-time great that I always have handy.’ Dick Pearson

‘This is a good working surface bait… It works well but it must be retrieved very, very, very slowly
Muskie Lure Rating: 5/5 ‘

‘My first 50″ fish came on a HawgWobbler… I’ve caught a lot of fish on that thing…they’re great baits and a lot of fun to catch fish with.’ Dairyland

‘Slow is the key but don’t stop…. I normally don’t get follows with it, just hits.’ Fish B

  • Big top surface wave
  • High quality build
  • Sharp stainless steel Mustad hooks

180mm / 65g (2.3oz)

Available in Europe only from FISHIN ADDICT in colours: