RAINBOW Swimbait Multi Jointed Fishing Lure realistic Trout pattern and swim action for pike, perch, zander and bass 160mm 40 grams FISHIN ADDICT



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High tech, new invention fishing lure that perfectly replicate the colours and patterns of European bait fish. These FISHIN’ ADDICT lures feature innovative multi jointed sections, a shape that replicates realistic swimming action.

  • ‘Best Lures’ Prize at World Fish 2013 Exhibition
  • Replicates colours and patterns of actual bait fish with 3D holographic eyes.
  • Incredible realistic swimming action
  • Slow sinking
  • Fish attracting aggressive action and ball bearing rattle
  • Highly durable with a good casting profile for accuracy and distance
  • Easy treble removal aids storage, sharpening and scaling up or down based on target species
  • Suitable for Fresh and Saltwater
  • Targets big pike, perch and zander in European waters
  • New in packaging (pike not included)
  • 160mm / 40g / 5 segments
  • Rainbow Trout pattern

See it the realistic movement here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5AIb20URSTk