Robofish bait 3D Fish fishing lure automatic movement USB Rechargeable Holographic


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Fishing Robotic Swimming Lure Wobblers For Fishing 4-Segement Swimbait Crankbait USB Rechargeable Flashing LED light Twitching


  • USB Charged. Charging Time: About 4 hours. Working Time : About 1 hour
  • Auto-Swimming Lure is a mechanised, self-propelling fishing lure that is electronically programmed to swim like a real fish.
  • Robotic live bait – Robotic Swimming Lure uses a simulated fish swimming programming system and lighting design with a high speed motor and LED lighting. Auto-swimming lure will automatically stop after 5~10 seconds. You will catch more fish with super-real movement and light up LEDs, day and night.
  • Pike Lure – Robotic Swimming Lure’s body has a multi-section design and the flexible body replicates the realistic movement of swimming / injured fish. The different sections of the lure body are connected by metal and can withstand the strong bite force
  • Freshwater lure – Robotic Swimming Lure is used with floats and leader line to keep Robotic Swimming Lure swimming in the water. Use different lengths of front wires at different water depths to keep the waters of Robotic Swimming Lure in your control.
  • Power lure – After charging for 3~4 hours, Robo Fish will work intelligently for 1~1.5 hours. It charges via a USB cable, can be paired with a power bank..
  • Fishing lure – Packing List:1x Robo Lure ,1x USB Cable,1x Float,2x Spare propeller


130mm (5.12inch) / 35g (1.23oz)  / Hook Size:4#

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