Silver BIG BAIT realistic Multi Jointed Fishing Lure / Swimbait Bait for BIG pike 292mm / 158g / 11 segments


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A really big lure (232mm) for very hungry big predators. The big size also gives extra weight for long range casts on big waters. High tech, new invention fishing lure that perfectly replicate the colours and patterns of European bait fish. These FISHIN ’ADDICT lures feature innovative multi jointed sections, a shape that replicates realistic swimming action. What a big fish…use a big bait!


·      Replicates colours and patterns of actual bait fish with 3D holographic eyes.

·      Incredible realistic swimming action

·      Makes lots of waves with diving paddle and large tail

·      Fish attracting aggressive action and ball bearing rattle

·      Highly durable with a good casting profile for accuracy and distance

·      Easy treble removal aids storage, sharpening and scaling up or down based on target species

·     Suitable for Fresh and Saltwater

·      Targets big pike, perch and zander in European waters

·      New in packaging 232mm/ 158g / 11 segments

·      Silver big bait pattern


See the swim action here.