Bonbright Red Head Streamer Fishing Fly Vintage Rebirth | #8 or #4/0 | Salmon Tarpon Pike | FISHIN ADDICT




Bonbright Red Head Steamer
Originally designed in 1925 by Mr G.D.B Bonbright.

The pattern is a FISHIN ADDICT Vintage Rebirth originally known as the Bonbright, after the late George D. Bonbright, a well known New York fisherman who used it in larger sizes for tarpon in Florida. Mr. Bonbright designed a salt-water fly rod for tarpon.

The pattern was derived from the Colonel White streamer and is quite an elaborate streamer. The tail is interesting in the the tail is a pair of married duck quills set upon a pheasant crest. The golden pheasant crest in the shoulder is quite a unique element giving the white wing a golden streak. Around 1925 Mr. Bonbright described the pattern to Mr. Steward Slosson of the Abercrombie and Fitch Company to be tied. Mr. Bonbright requested the streamer be tied on 4/0 hooks with the intention of pursuing tarpon in the Atlantic. The pattern was later adapted to be used as a fresh water streamer for land-locked salmon in Maine by Mr. Dana Chapman. An order of the pattern was placed with the Percy Tackle Company who renamed the streamer the Dana.

Classic Red Head – Red and White

Choose from:
Small #8 hook – Length 5.5cm / 2 3/16
Large #4/0 hook – Length 11cm / 4 3/8 inches


Salmon ,Tarpon, Pike and predatory fish


Stop start twitch retrieve.

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#8 – SMALL, #4/0 – LARGE, #8 – SMALL – SET OF 3, #4/0 – LARGE-SET OF 3